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On October 28th, 2016 at LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome the Global Sustainability Forum has been officially launched with the collaboration of Universal Trust s.r.l., that manages all the activities behind the forum. The idea behind the GSForum is to explore the complex issues around Sustainability from an economic, financial, environmental, social and political point of view. 

A crucial role will be addressed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are a major milestones in the global imperatives of moving towards a sustainable world. The GSForum will be a place where some concrete actions could start from. 

Talk is important but action is critical. The GSForum will seek to accelerate the implementation of the Paris Accords on Climate Change and the SDGs, the two primary accomplishments of the global community. The window for the world is a narrow one and requires active engagement by all, especially citizens at large. All of us need to become leaders in this struggle. The planned partnership with the Vatican City strengthens the GSForum’s activities and their practical implementation. 

The Forum will not only bring leaders and citizens to talk but also we have created Universal Trust to take on some of the innovative ideas and work hard with partners to realise them.


Khalid Malik, Co-Chairman of the GSForum, started his speech by saying that we should put people first. A simple message connected with the core ideas of the GSForum. Naturally, the concept of sustainability, climate change, environment and growth are all aimed at the well-being of people. This is what policymakers, the Academia and firms should all be concerned about. 


Jean-Paul Fitoussi, Co-Chairman of the GSForum, has introduced the event by focusing on two important questions: Growth of what? Growth for whom?”. Prof. Fitoussi continued by saying that we have to rethink our view of sustainability and growth: the system we are living in is made of interrelations between economy, society, politics and the environment. We have to invest in the growth of well-being.


Paola Severino, Rector of LUISS Guido Carli, in her introductory speech has stressed the importance to distinguish growth from development, underlining how nowadays it seems to be much confusion about the best practices to reach a higher level of development. Rector Severino has also shown the LUISS Guido Carli support as Academic Partner of the GSForum.


Sandro Gozi, Under-Secretary in the Office of the Italian Prime Minister, brought his experience on the front line as delegated to European Affairs on the theme of Investments and Human Capital. Indeed, a crucial part of investments is those about Human Capital its renovation and its education. R&D in this sector should not be seen as a cost any more, because we are building something for the future.


Valerio De Luca, GSForum Executive Director, has explained why this global initiative should have Rome as the protagonist. The creation of a significant Forum in Rome dedicated to sustainability issues and other related actions will be an important step in the direction of a long-term political advocacy and civic engagement and in meeting our collective responsibilities. It will also provide an opportunity for a greater contribution by Italy and Europe to global solutions and sustainable practices.


Enrico Giovannini, Chairman of the GSForum Scientific Council, brought his experience to the table as former Chief Economist at OECD and current Spokesman of the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development talking about the actual commitment of Nations about the SDGs. In particular, he talked about the European commitment to introduce the SDGs into the new Agenda 2030, that would entail an even larger effort for the EU.


Zhao Baige, Vice-Chairman, Foreign Relations Committee, National People's Congress of China, has described the role of the Chinese Government in eradicating poverty in China and in reaching a sustainable development. Dr Zhao Baige has also presented the “One Belt One Road” initiative, a massive push for developments that embodies many of the same principles that are needed for SDG implementation: long-term planning, cooperation between states, and the development of public-private partnerships.


Marcello Messori, Director LUISS School of European Political Economy, has moderated the debate showing his full support to the GSForum initiative. Prof. Messori in his role at LUISS Guido Carli shares the same core ideas of the Global Sustainability Forum that are, in his view, the cornerstone to improve the quality of life and ensure a real growth in the EU and in the World.








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